What you choose also chooses you

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Why choose DEEPTECH

It’s an interesting question, our competitors might try and turn your frown upside down, hold your hand to help you find enlightenment, digitally transform you or all those in their presence, increase your profitability through a better keyboard or maybe even help you increase productivity by double digits with faster wireless technology. When the chips are down our competitors may also draw the short straw and say they will match any quote, they will beat any quote, heck they will even do it for free, whatever it takes to get your business. Sound familiar? it looks desperate and ends up with poor outcomes for you, the client.

This is not us.

We have always understood that there are others who do what we do for about the same price, about the same quality, at about the same level of service, and about the same features. Capacity and competency exist from multiple IT providers, so why would you choose us over another IT provider?

  • When others zig we zag, we stay at the leading edge and not the bleeding edge of IT and have a strategic approach to our clients IT future.
  • We are business focused and understand the bottom line, we are experts in delivering quality, reliable yet cost-effective products and services.
  • We offer a highly personalised client-focused service experience that enables us to deliver a great service and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

A famous quote “There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that persons’ lawful prey.” Baskin-Robbins.

Principled approach from start to finish with a discrete set of standards


IT Backups


Reliability is a  product’s or system’s ability to perform a specific function and may be given as design reliability or operational reliability. It is defined as the ‘probability that a specified item will perform a specified function within a defined environment, for a specified length of time’. Reliability requirement is normally specified in terms of the mean time between failures (MTBF) or as a failure rate.

Time Management


Availability is the ability of a product or system to be kept in a functioning state to perform a required function under given conditions, at a given instant in time or over a time interval, assuming that the given external resources are provided.  Availability is measured by the percentage of time that an item or system is available to perform its designated function.



Maintainability is the ease with which the product or system can be repaired or maintained. A more formal definition is ‘maintainability is a characteristic of design and installation, expressed as the probability that an item will be restored to operating condition, within a given period of time, using prescribed procedures and resources. The most commonly used measure of maintainability is the mean time to repair (MTTR).



Safety is the requirement not to harm people, the environment, or any other assets during a system’s life cycle.

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Making the switch to DEEPTECH?

Until recently, the decision to change IT providers almost always came at a high cost. But the advantage that incumbent IT providers once had is disappearing as transitioning from one vendor to another becomes less painful. Here is the norm, blow by blow – we have done it enough times that we know the focus has to be on why you want to move, the benefits will become clearly apparent once they are gone:

  • Incumbent IT provider goes into denial; after all, not being perfect is challenging to deal with.
  • DEEPTECH goes into high gear, excited at the opportunity, excited at the possibility, raring to bring forth better IT.
  • Incumbent IT provider hopes their lock-in agreement, hairstyle or begging for forgiveness is going to work, if not guilt and becoming noncompliant might.
  • DEEPTECH contacts the Incumbent IT provider, requesting handover documentation – always in good faith with a sincere attitude that it would be great to be surprised on the upside.
  • Incumbent IT provider checks and realizes the documentation is scant, lots of things on the server look bad, the event logs are full of errors, the firewalls are full of breach attempts, the end users have several gripes and the air is generally thick, so thick it feels like a brick wall at this stage.
  • DEEPTECH hopes for the best, but plans for the worst, knowing what will most likely eventuate.
  • Incumbent IT provider sends over the documentation, passwords etc. Normally one excel file which has a few cryptic lines it, lots of white space, large fonts, lots of colours.
  • DEEPTECH, magically senses, almost mystically that the incumbent IT provider is disorganized, lacking any systems or processes, IT is wide open security wise, and the documentation is only of use to the incumbent IT provider, it’s also outdated, relevant years ago and it’s too late now – the cat is out of the bag. In most cases, it would be just as easy to break into the network as it would be dealing with the incumbent IT provider.
  • DEEPTECH makes the call to the new client, explains the situation, wanting not to deal with the Incumbent, it’s time to do something the client worries about, DEEPTECH does not worry as this is how it always is, only one thing needs to happen – GET IT DONE, nothing the incumbent knows is of any concern, it will most likely be a lame attempt at IT and misconfigured – the challenge always is trying to think how they think to work out how they managed to create the mess they have created, then switch gears and think like a professional.
  • Incumbent IT provider is cut off from the IT, DEEPTECH goes about getting control of the IT system, outbound  IT feels sad and goes about finding their next target, they go and buy a dartboard from eBay, and then put up a laser colour print of the Deeptech logo and throw darts at it, its great fun.
  • Meanwhile back in the real world, the dust blows over, it’s all good, and life goes on – except with incompetence removed from the network and quality IT on the go. It’s now a new world.