Information security is the immune system in the body of business

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IT Security

We all know that IT security is an essential part of every successful business in this modern day and age. Clients are willing to hand over personal and, at times, incredibly sensitive information because they trust that your business is capable of protecting their confidentiality. From medical history to credit card details, home addresses and phone numbers, even personal information about their family, a client is putting much faith in you and your business when they share this kind of information. Not to mention your business data; things like banking records, financial statements, tax registers and business growth plans. A cybersecurity breach can spell doom for large multi-national corporations and family-run small businesses alike. The only sure-fire way to protect your confidential data and your business is to have a well-planned and solid IT security system in place..

Some businesses may be tempted to skimp on their IT security budget, believing that the odds of their data being compromised are small, or that a cheap and generic IT security setup will be just as effective as a custom one. This is precisely the kind of attitude that hackers are counting on…after all, why would a thief break into a well-protected home when the place next door has left their back door open? With ongoing advances in Ransomware, Spyware and malicious viruses, you really can’t afford to take that kind of chance. A multi-faceted IT security plan, designed and maintained by an experienced IT provider is your best form of protection.

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Focussed on protecting all the various components

That make up your business IT infrastructure

No business can afford to skimp on IT security

Most businesses are willing to invest large sums of money to get the very latest in technology and to run state-of-the-art software. Strangely though, many of these same companies will balk at the idea of investing in IT security, assuming that all systems are more or less the same. So why spend money on a multi-faceted approach? Because it is your strongest line of defence against viruses, Spyware and Ransomware.

A well implemented IT strategy is a necessity, not an option

As your business continues to grow and evolve, you need an IT strategy that can grow right alongside it. This is why having a well thought out and carefully implemented IT strategy is no longer an optional extra – it is a must. It is vital that your system be reliable, adaptable and maintainable, and one of the best ways to ensure this is by getting it right the first time.

IT explanations you won’t need a degree to decipher

If you’ve ever found yourself listening without comprehension as an IT tech droned on about binary systems, the CPU and the Linux developed by the GNU, then you’re not alone. Just because technology is difficult, it doesn’t mean the explanations should be. At Deeptech, we’re proud of our commitment to explaining IT in easy to understand terms, without any technobabble or mumbo-jumbo. Our aim is to help you understand your IT.

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Why Choose Us

IT security is something that we are particularly passionate about. We understand that the most exceptional IT setup in the world is of little or no use if it is not well protected from malicious intrusion. Our multi-faceted IT security plan can assist your business in making sure that only those with authorised permissions can gain access to your company files. This, in turn, can give you and your client’s peace of mind.

Deeptech understands that a successful IT security plan is about more than just running routine virus sweeps every Friday afternoon. This is why we focus on protecting all the various components that make up your business IT infrastructure. This will typically include internet security (making sure information sent and received via the web is protected), network security (vital for defending your network data from hackers), cloud security (such as the installation of a secure internet gateway and cloud-based unified threat management), endpoint security (looking after each and every device linked to your business) and application security (coding applications to eliminate vulnerabilities).

Our Deeptech IT security team can also assist in putting together an IT security incident response plan. Despite the very best IT security, from time to time, someone may still attempt to access your sensitive data. With an IT security incident response plan, you will be better able to identify these threats as they are attempted and you will have controls in place for confidently dealing with the matter, both during the episode and afterwards.