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IT Managed Services

Some people may wonder what managed IT services are and whether or not this is an actual necessity. The answer is simple: managed IT services definitely are essential if you want a trouble free IT system with ongoing support and proactive solutions.

Basically, a managed IT service is when an IT provider offers unlimited IT support for a fixed monthly fee. The alternative is a very reactive way of dealing with IT – wait until something is broken and then call an expert to come and fix it. This kind of model actually worked as a disincentive to some of the less scrupulous IT providers; the more it breaks, the more work they will get and the longer it takes to fix, the more they could charge.

With a DEEPTECH managed IT services plan there is no more worrying about astronomical IT call-out bills or whether or not the technician is deliberately taking an unnecessarily long time to fix something simple. In fact, a managed IT service is a strong incentive for your IT provider to head-off any potential issues before they become problems and to ensure that you are using the most reliable and maintainable systems currently available. If you have IT issues then that equals less profit for the IT provider; it’s a great inducement to keep both parties working together towards a common goal.  It also allows for strategic future planning so that your IT systems and processes can grow organically at the same time as your business.

Our clients have peace of mind that their IT systems are updated, secure, optimised and backed up at all times.

A snapshot of the types of IT managed services we can offer include:

  • 24/7 Network, Server and Desktop Monitoring Services
  • Managed Servers, Desktops and Software Applications
  • 24/7 IT service desk
  • On-Site and Remote Support
  • Proactive and Preventative Maintenance
  • Managed Firewall’s, Routers, Devices and VPN’s
  • Managed Private and Public Cloud
  • Office 365 Administration
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Why Our Managed IT Services

Are The Best In The Business

Listen, understand and accept advice without becoming defensive

This can be a tough concept when you’re used to running your own business. After all, it was your brains, planning and hard work that transformed the company into what it is today! But IT is an incredibly niche field, and a system that works brilliantly in one specific situation may not necessarily be the best match for your long-term goals. We only want what’s best for you and your business.

Seek advice as quickly as possible when facing challenges

No single leader has all the correct answers all of the time. For this reason, getting good advice can help you to get the very best out of your IT. But to benefit the most, the adviser must possess the kind of expertise you’re looking for, must have direct experience in your context and must be compatible or sympathetic with the style and substance of your goals, targets, and mindsets.

Anticipate roadblocks and involve advisers in planning for contingencies

Every IT system, no matter how well planned, will periodically face roadblocks. This could be due to changes in how the company operates, varying employee numbers or a host of other common situations. But most roadblocks can be anticipated, which means they can be managed. The key is to involve your IT advisers early on so they can have a contingency plan in place to deal with roadblocks quickly and efficiently.

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Why Choose Us

At Deeptech, we love being able to offer managed IT services because it enables us to work directly in partnership with you and your business. As the IT provider, we are able to create a blueprint for your IT needs that takes all aspects of the business into account. We’ll look at what kind of processes you need in place, how many work stations you have, even what kind of issues you may have formerly encountered with IT providers. This then allows us to provide you with a fully customised IT solution.

In the past, it was often frustrating to be called in by a company on a case-by-case basis. We could see what had led to that particular technical problem, but also we could see a dozen different ways that the problem could have been avoided. But a managed IT service agreement gives us the ability to carry out strategic planning for the future, minimising downtime and preventing the occasional small speedbump from developing into a giant roadblock. Instead of spending all our time trying to fix things, we get to spend our time upgrading and enhancing your IT system so you can use it to the full potential.

By partnering with Deeptech for a managed IT services plan you will also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing the right IT decisions are being made by experts in the field. You won’t just be relying on an unknown technician – you’ll have a trusted and valued contact.