Everyone needs a backup plan and backups that actually work when you need them

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IT Backups

Routine IT backups are a crucial element in any solid IT infrastructure – after all, without your data, how well would your business be able to function? Imagine losing all of your client contact details, a years’ worth of invoicing or every single one of your product orders. Or imagine having an inexperienced staff member accidentally wipe out 6 months of your bookkeeping on their first day. While this may sound far-fetched to some, a 2008 survey found that 66% of participants admitted to losing files from their personal computer. So when it comes to data storage it is always best to plan for the worst…just in case.

A data backup is when a copy is made of all stored business information and this is then saved as an archive file. In the event of file corruption or a loss of data, the IT backup file can be uploaded to the system and a crisis can be averted. Of course, this will only be of assistance if the backups are carried out regularly, the backup file is stored securely and the information being backed up includes all essential business data. This might sound like a fairly straight forward process, but (like most elements of technology) it is more complicated than it looks. In part, this is because of the sheer volume of information that needs to be frequently backed up – having an organised copy of all pertinent data used by your business will require a substantial amount of storage space.

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What if your IT was not up and running

Does your business work without it

Maximum efficiency and minimal downtime

These days, business is all about instant accessibility. No one is interested in waiting around for a company that is having technical problems…that client will just take their business elsewhere. Because we understand this, Deeptech is committed to a forward-thinking approach to IT. So, no matter what direction your company may be heading in, we will be able to ensure you keep operating with maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

A cloud service provider you can trust

There is a wide array of cloud service providers out there, but are you really ready to trust just anyone with your company’s important data? Sure, someone else might be cheaper or have a flashier logo, but what kind of security systems or backup protocol are they operating? By partnering with Deeptech, you’re choosing a cloud service provider with a proven track record; someone who you can really trust.

A reputation for honesty, integrity and dependability

Entrusting your IT system to a third party requires a certain level of trust; this is why we’re so proud of our hard-earned reputation for honesty, integrity and dependability. Based on over 20 years of proven work, our clients can feel sure they’re in safe hands. With Deeptech, there’s no need to worry about whether the advice you’re being offered is genuine or whether you really need the product being recommended.

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Why Choose Us

The Deeptech philosophy towards IT backup is that it should be carried out as frequently as is necessary to protect the business, not as frequently as is convenient. Stop and think for a minute about just how much data your company might generate throughout the course of a single business day. Now imagine losing an entire day’s productivity to data loss or corruption. Our experienced IT backup professionals will be able to assist you in determining whether or not a days’ worth of data is an unacceptable risk to your business. And if it is, we can then drill down to gauge just how frequently a data backup needs to be carried out. We will also be able to help evaluate exactly what information is critical versus what is superfluous; thereby determining what data should be included in all IT backups.

But at Deeptech, we don’t just stop there when it comes to IT backups. We will also work with you to implement the necessary hardware and software backup procedures, as well as scheduling in the backups and carrying out usability tests to ensure they are operating exactly as desired. We can also take over the storage of backup files, thereby freeing up space on your own computer server and adding an extra layer of protection by saving the critical data offsite. With our own advanced IT security system and backup procedures in place, you can feel reassured that your precious data is in safe hands.