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Essential IT Services

You open your computer on Monday morning, try to login to your work account, but something is wrong. Maybe you’ve forgotten your password. Perhaps you’ve lost your internet connection. Alternatively, it could just be that the file you saved on Friday afternoon is no longer where it should be. No matter how well thought out and up-to-date your business’s IT systems are, there will be days when things just aren’t working the way that you need them to. For most people, this is the point where you call for technical support.

Technical support individuals are the specialists who fully understand precisely how your systems, processes and devices should be working and will be able to fix them when they’re not. These are the talented professionals who have years of practical experience in fixing IT problems, plus a wealth of studied knowledge. When things are going wrong with your technology, the last thing you need is a bored looking teenager showing up and asking if you’ve tried turned the device ‘off’ and ‘on’ again.

Since IT systems are such an integral part of the workplace now, if something is going wrong, then you don’t have time to wait around for “the next available technician”. All too often system downtime translates into lost profits, so the ideal technical support team will offer immediate practical assistance over the phone. Many technical problems can be resolved by following simple instructions or by allowing a trusted support technician remote access to your computer or server.

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Why Our Technical Support

Is Better Than Our Competitor's

A reputation for honesty, integrity and dependability

Entrusting your IT system to a third party requires a certain level of trust; this is why we’re so proud of our hard-earned reputation for honesty, integrity and dependability. Based on over 20 years of proven work, our clients can feel sure they’re in safe hands. With Deeptech, there’s no need to worry about whether the advice you’re being offered is genuine or whether you really need the product being recommended.

IT explanations you won’t need a degree to decipher

If you’ve ever found yourself listening without comprehension as an IT tech droned on about binary systems, the CPU and the Linux developed by the GNU, then you’re not alone. Just because technology is difficult, it doesn’t mean the explanations should be. At Deeptech, we’re proud of our commitment to explaining IT in easy to understand terms, without any technobabble or mumbo-jumbo. Our aim is to help you understand your IT.

Asking the right questions at the right time can make all the difference

Sound decisions can only be made when someone has accurate information. To get that information, you need to not only ask the right questions, but you need to do so at the right time. This is one of the areas in which Deeptech excels. Because of our solid background in building and maintaining IT infrastructure, we know what questions need to be asked and when is the right time to ask them.

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Why Choose Us

We know the frustration that results when things don’t work the way you need them to. So if a program keeps crashing, a virus is suspected, or any other tech issues are wreaking havoc on your work day then Deeptech is whom you need to be calling. Our technical support specialists possess the training and the experience to have all aspects of your IT up and running again in no time. Rather than just focusing on one aspect of technical support, we have a broad knowledge base that includes software applications, device troubleshooting, electronic systems and server maintenance. We believe in doing a thorough job so you won’t have to worry about the same issue popping up again the next day – we’ll keep working at it until the problem is fully resolved.

Over the years, our loyal clients have seen the value of our technical support. Many of them have reported that our professional support services have led to an increase in IT acumen and a decrease in the misconception of “IT weirdness”. By speaking in easy-to-understand terms (no technobabble or mumbo-jumbo), we have been able to help businesses understand the cause of their IT problems. Moreover, by answering any questions in layman’s terms, we can help staff to minimise the chance of issues being repeated in the future. In turn, our clients have come to realise that our technical support can be a valuable company asset, enabling their business to keep on running smoothly despite the occasional IT hiccup.