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Cloud Services

No doubt you’ve heard of “the cloud” – you may already be using it to some degree. But what exactly are cloud services? And how can they benefit your business? In a nutshell, a cloud service allows companies to access a range of programs, services and data storage, which are all in turn stored on a remote server by your cloud services provider. It means that information can be accessed by anyone in your company (with the correct permissions, of course) via an internet connection, from any location. It means that staff can file reports from remote job sites, access necessary data when meeting with clients and even carry out work from home or when travelling.

Not only do cloud services allow your company to gain a greater level of portability, they are entirely scalable. If you currently only employ a few select staff, then there will be a cloud services package that will accommodate the necessary number of users without you having to invest a huge upfront amount in software. But, as the business grows and more staff come on board, you can easily increase the number of users, customising permissions so that new staff can access as much or as little data as necessary.

The other bonus of switching to cloud services is that you can have your company data stored securely offsite. No more worrying about security breaches or what would happen to your data if your personal server was destroyed. With cloud services, everything is safe and secure.

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A cloud service provider you can trust

There is a wide array of cloud service providers out there, but are you really ready to trust just anyone with your company’s important data? Sure, someone else might be cheaper or have a flashier logo, but what kind of security systems or backup protocol are they operating? By partnering with Deeptech, you’re choosing a cloud service provider with a proven track record; someone who you can really trust.

A well implemented IT strategy is a necessity, not an option

As your business continues to grow and evolve, you need an IT strategy that can grow right alongside it. This is why having a well thought out and carefully implemented IT strategy is no longer an optional extra – it is a must. It is vital that your system be reliable, adaptable and maintainable, and one of the best ways to ensure this is by getting it right the first time.

Anticipate roadblocks and involve advisers in planning for contingencies

Every IT system, no matter how well planned, will periodically face roadblocks. This could be due to changes in how the company operates, varying employee numbers or a host of other common situations. But most roadblocks can be anticipated, which means they can be managed. The key is to involve your IT advisers early on so they can have a contingency plan in place to deal with roadblocks quickly and efficiently.

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Why Choose Us

Unlike some other cloud service providers, we’re passionate about providing our customers with more than just access to cloud based services. We want you to get the very best possible outcome from your cloud services, so we’ll work along with you to ensure your business has all of its cloud based IT needs met. This could include specific business applications designed for your industry, website hosting, data storage and even email management. If you have any changes in staff then revoking access or setting up new logins is super simple and can all be handled directly by us, with changes taking immediate effect.

But why specifically should you choose Deeptech as your cloud service provider? While there may be other IT companies who will offer cheaper rates or additional “freebies”, we provide more than just access to cloud computing. We can give you peace of mind. To a certain extent, switching to cloud based platforms involves handing over the IT reins (so to speak) to your cloud service provider – and this isn’t something that you should entrust to just anyone offering the cheapest deal. By partnering with Deeptech for your cloud services you will have the reassurance that you are working with a cloud service provider who respects the need for high-level security. We take the responsibility of storing your data seriously, so we have the necessary systems in place to protect any and all information that is stored on our servers. We’ll guard your data as carefully as we do our own.