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IT Security

With a range of distinguished clients throughout Perth and Australia, Deeptech is a leading IT Security provider in WA.

As a result of ongoing advances in ransomware, spyware and malicious viruses, IT security is an essential part of every successful business in today’s day and age. Clients and customers willingly hand over personal and, at times, incredibly sensitive information including medical history, credit card details and home addresses, because they trust that business is capable of protecting their confidentiality. Further, there’s always your own business data to protect such as banking records, financial statements, tax registers and business growth plans. At Deeptech, we consider information security as the immune system in the body of business and provide a service that can never be compromised.

Oftentimes businesses fall into the trap of believing the odds of their data being compromised is small, so cheap and generic IT security setup will be as effective as a custom solution. Unfortunately, for them, this is precisely the kind of attitude hackers are counting on. After all, why would a thief break into a well-protected home when the place next door has left their back door open? A cybersecurity breach can spell doom for large multinational corporations and family-run small businesses alike. Consequently, Deeptech provides comprehensive anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-hacking support solutions to help businesses protect confidential data and maintain a security plan and system that’s on lock like Fort Knox.


A multi-faceted IT security plan, designed and maintained by an experienced IT provider such as Deeptech is your company’s best form of protection. Our holistic IT Security solutions consist of:

  • IT Assessment – We’ll conduct an audit of your business infrastructure, the sensitivity of its content, data and information and other factors.
  • Strategy – Upon finalising the assessment, our IT experts and technicians will craft together the blueprint for successful IT Security.
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Implementation – Our experienced team will acquire and set up all necessary cloud and IT infrastructure necessary to maximise the security of your business’ data.
  • Managed Backups – Completion of frequent managed backups of your business’ IT infrastructure to ensure the organisation maintains the most up-to-date download.

Specific Solutions

We understand that a successful IT security plan is so much more than merely running routine virus sweeps every Friday afternoon. Hence, the team at Deeptech focuses on protecting all the various components that make up your business IT infrastructure including:

  • Internet Security –  Deeptech will ensure information sent and received via the web is protected.
  • Email Security – Industry leading systems that stop malware, credential phishing, and impersonation across email, cloud and mobile messaging.
  • Endpoint Security – Premier enterprise solutions that monitor and detect any behavioural anomalies and stop threats at the point of impact.
  • Network Security –  IT security systems and policies that secure your network data from hackers.
  • Cloud Security – Access to secure internet gateways and cloud-based unified threat management.

Benefits of IT Security

Of course, the more significant benefit to IT Security is the assured protection of confidential and valuable client information and business data. Other benefits for your business to enjoy include:

  • Minimise downtime and maintain productivity as fewer interruptions occur
  • Boost customer confidence that data will not be compromised
  • Security-first approach will help identify on-going and future weakness before they are exploited

Why Choose Deeptech

With decades of experience, Deeptech is an IT Security specialist in Perth. IT security is something that we are particularly passionate about.

We understand that the most exceptional IT setup in the world is of little or no use if it is not well protected from malicious intrusion. Our multifaceted IT security plan and IT services will ensure that your business continually safeguards all of its valuable resources and that only those with authorised permissions can gain access to your company files. This, in turn, can give you and your client’s peace of mind.

At Deeptech, whilst we are committed to delivering the best solutions for your business, we’re also dedicated to the relationship aspect of the partnership and place an emphasis on fostering a strong relationship as we have a unified common goal. With decades of experience across a wide number of industries and business, Deeptech’s solutions are your business’ strongest line of defence against viruses, spyware and ransomware.