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Cloud Solutions

With decades of experience servicing businesses across a range of industries, Deeptech has established itself as a leading Cloud IT solutions provider in Perth, Western Australia.

Cloud Services allow companies to access a range of programs, services and data storage, which are all stored on a remote ‘virtual’ server. A Cloud Solution enables information and resources to be accessed by anyone within a company (with the correct permissions, of course) from any location in the world through the internet. Cloud Computing offers a myriad of benefits to local and national businesses including employees can file reports from remote sites, easily access necessary data when meeting with clients and even carry out work from home and/or when travelling. We specialise in delivering cost-effective and efficient cloud services and solutions suitable for SMEs.

As your business continues to grow and evolve, it will require an IT strategy that can grow right alongside it. Hence why having an extremely well-thought-out and carefully implemented IT strategy is no longer an optional extra – it’s a must. It’s vital that your Cloud Service is reliable, adaptable and maintainable, and one of the best ways to ensure this is by getting it right the first time. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke and premium Cloud and IT solutions that streamline organisational operating costs better than ever. By partnering with Deeptech, you’re choosing an experienced cloud service provider with a proven track record; a team who you can always trust.


As a holistic Managed IT Service provider, Deeptech has the experience and capacity to deliver an expansive range of Cloud Solutions including:

  • Cloud Storage – Keep your company’s sensitive and valuable data on the cloud. Save on hardware and mass storage costs in the process while being more protected than ever.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Our cloud partnerships enable Deeptech to deliver the latest software, technology and versions to each of our clients with ease and financial benefits.
  • Content Delivery – We support solutions to help serve all formats and types of content to end-users through maximised content delivery.
  • Managed Backups – As a part of our solutions, we provide frequent managed backups of your business’ IT infrastructure to ensure the cloud maintains the most recent and up-to-date download.
  • Essential IT Support – Our 24×7 all year round pay as you go IT support is available to your business. Our experienced technicians will be ready to help when the internet crashes, account passwords are forgotten and important documents go missing alongside much more.

Cloud Structure

Upon analysing and auditing your business’ IT infrastructure, our technicians will determine which of the following cloud structures best suits it. Some factors taken into consideration include available bandwidth, the types of files being stored alongside the level of security required.

  • Public Cloud – Your organisation’s Cloud Server is located outside of the office and provided through providers like Microsoft Azure.
  • Private Cloud – Are servers within firewalls and usually situated on a business’ premise. Generally best suited for companies that must adhere to strict security and compliance regulations.
  • Hybrid – A hybrid solution utilises flexibility to bring out the best of both worlds. With our hybrid solutions, your business can choose a different server for each application and systems.


Alongside enabling 24/7 virtual and immediate access to business files, information and resources remotely, the Cloud also provides users with several additional benefits including:

  • While promoting greater portability, Cloud Solutions are also entirely scalable meaning it’s effective for the now and the future.
  • All company data can be stored securely off-site which minimise data loss that could happen if the personal server was ever destroyed.
  • Can be customised specifically to each business circumstances and needs.
  • Boosts organisational collaboration efficiency and productivity as work can be completed across various places of work.
  • Often reduces the costs of managing and maintaining IT systems as the Cloud removes the need to invest in expensive software continually.

Why Choose Deeptech

With over 20 years of experience, Deeptech is one of West Australia’s leading organisations for holistic cloud solutions.

We are passionate about providing each client with more than just access to bespoke Cloud-based services. We never stop working to give you constant peace of mind and alleviate your stress by directly and immediately handling any change requests such as revoking access for past employees and setting up new logins. Our team is committed to getting the very best possible outcome from your services and will work along with your business at every step to ensure all of its Cloud and IT needs are met.

We’ll develop and implement cost-effective cloud solutions that are specifically designed for your business, website hosting, data storage and even email management. Deeptech takes the responsibility of storing your data extremely seriously and so we have the necessary systems in place to protect any and all information that is stored on our servers. We’ll guard your data as carefully as we do our own. Partnering with Deeptech is the best way to ensure that your organisation gets the most out of the cloud!