We know the mining industry inside and out

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We clearly understand the IT requirements in the mining industry

The mining industry presents IT consultants with several unique challenges. Regardless of the overall size of the mining company, you will typically require the capacity to store large quantities of varied data, and you will need to be able to access this data from just about anywhere in the world (including some truly remote locations within regional Australia). This means that the very latest and greatest in cloud services are often sought after – technology that seems quite straight forward but which needs to be precisely implemented and well managed if it is to operate the way you and your contractors need it to.

The remote locations of most mining sites can also present mining companies with IT difficulties – many IT consultants are unable or unwilling to put in the extra effort required to configure servers destined for remote installation. Additionally, you doubtless can’t afford for your systems to be offline for extended periods. This means you need a well implemented IT strategy from the very beginning, one that has been customised to suit the unique needs of your mining business and one that will be able to grow and evolve alongside your business. In this respect, reliability, adaptability and maintainability are of crucial concern. A reliable and adaptable system that requires minimal servicing will ensure that you stay online and on target, with minimal downtime required (thereby ensuring your bottom line won’t be negatively impacted by poorly managed IT systems).

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Everything we depend on is either made from minerals or relies on minerals for its production

Without mining we would not have IT!

A well implemented IT strategy is a necessity, not an option

As your business continues to grow and evolve, you need an IT strategy that can grow right alongside it. This is why having a well thought out and carefully implemented IT strategy is no longer an optional extra – it is a must. It is vital that your system be reliable, adaptable and maintainable, and one of the best ways to ensure this is by getting it right the first time.

Maximum efficiency and minimal downtime

These days, business is all about instant accessibility. No one is interested in waiting around for a company that is having technical problems…that client will just take their business elsewhere. Because we understand this, Deeptech is committed to a forward-thinking approach to IT. So, no matter what direction your company may be heading in, we will be able to ensure you keep operating with maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

Security should never be an added extra

At Deeptech, we don’t believe that security should ever just be an afterthought. We understand that you are responsible for storing and accessing large volumes of sensitive data and that you are often accountable to industry-specific confidentiality codes. This is why we see security as an integral part of IT management and the reason why we will never settle for a “that’ll do” attitude towards your IT system security.

We understand specific industry requirements

While many people consider IT requirements to be fairly generic, they are in fact incredibly complex and need to be tailored to suit industry-specific requirements. Because Deeptech has spent years working in partnership with those operating a wide range of different enterprises (including many companies within the mining and the legal sectors), we are well equipped to provide industry-specific advice. No two companies are ever alike – we appreciate that.

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Why Choose Us

During our long history within the IT industry, we have had the privilege of working with mining companies based across the length and breadth of Australia. In many cases, we have worked with mining companies to build their entire IT infrastructure from the ground up. This has enabled us to hone in on the technological needs of the mining industry, eliminating any unnecessary systems and fine-tuning processes to deliver the very best results.

Our IT consultants boast decades of combined experience, which is just one of the reasons why Deeptech is so well suited to working specifically with those in the mining sector. By taking the time to get to know you, your staff and your business, we will be able to offer a comprehensive approach to IT that will be more than capable of carrying heavy loads.

Understanding that you need maximum efficiency and minimal downtime, we will work with you to implement systems and processes that have a proven track record of reliability. Not only that, but we will look ahead with you to ensure that your IT system is well positioned for future company growth. This will give you the peace of mind to make confident decisions about the direction your business is heading in, without having to worry about an IT system that can’t keep up with. Finally, when it comes to managed IT services and technical maintenance, we’ll be on hand to support you every step of the way.