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IT solutions for the legal industry

Deeptech has a clear understanding of the unique IT challenges faced by those in the legal industry. While sharing many similarities with other corporate enterprises, we know that legal firms deal with large quantities of confidential data on a day-to-day basis. It is understandable then that those of you working in the legal sector (whether you’re a clerk, Queen’s Counsel, barrister, paralegal or solicitor) often have more significant concerns about security. The very nature of your business means you need to feel confident that sensitive information will not be compromised in any way; this requires a level of accountability that many IT consultants may be uncomfortable with.

However, legal firms require more than just a high degree of security – they also need systems that are versatile and easy to use. As an extremely busy participant in the legal industry, we know that you don’t have time to mess around with slow or cumbersome IT infrastructure. You need a system that is fast, reliable and customisable, ensuring that all aspects of the business (from case management to billing) will run smoothly. Additionally, with a large percentage of the legal industry operating from multiple locations throughout the day, an effective cloud-based system is an essential tool to help you run your legal business with greater efficiency, no matter where you may be working from. Having the right cloud-based software will ensure your files are always readily available and easy for you to access, while simultaneously offering the highest levels of data security.

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We understand the unique IT challenges

Faced by those in the legal industry

IT explanations you won’t need a degree to decipher

If you’ve ever found yourself listening without comprehension as an IT tech droned on about binary systems, the CPU and the Linux developed by the GNU, then you’re not alone. Just because technology is difficult, it doesn’t mean the explanations should be. At Deeptech, we’re proud of our commitment to explaining IT in easy to understand terms, without any technobabble or mumbo-jumbo. Our aim is to help you understand your IT.

Unnecessary upselling is bad business practice

Many in the IT industry are so focused on the “upsell” that they completely overlook their clients’ actual needs. This can result in businesses purchasing IT systems that are, at best, unnecessary and, at worst, totally useless. If we believe that a system upgrade will benefit you then we’ll let you know – but if what you’ve already got just needs a little fine tuning then we won’t push you to invest unnecessary dollars.

Security should never be an added extra

At Deeptech, we don’t believe that security should ever just be an afterthought. We understand that you are responsible for storing and accessing large volumes of sensitive data and that you are often accountable to industry-specific confidentiality codes. This is why we see security as an integral part of IT management and the reason why we will never settle for a “that’ll do” attitude towards your IT system security.

We understand specific industry requirements

While many people consider IT requirements to be fairly generic, they are in fact incredibly complex and need to be tailored to suit industry-specific requirements. Because Deeptech has spent years working in partnership with those operating a wide range of different enterprises (including many companies within the mining and the legal sectors), we are well equipped to provide industry-specific advice. No two companies are ever alike – we appreciate that.

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Why Choose Us

Unlike some other IT firms that may offer a “one size fits all” approach, Deeptech understands that each company is unique. While businesses operating in the legal industry generally have similar concerns and similar IT requirements, in no way does this mean that they would all benefit from the same IT infrastructure or advice. Because we take the time to get to know each client on an individual level, we are uniquely positioned to offer tailored IT counsel.

We promise not to propose radical and unnecessary overhauls, and we won’t ever try to “upsell” you services or products that you don’t need. If you’ve got an existing system in place that is meeting all of your needs, then we’re more than happy to help you get the most out of what you’ve already got. However, if we can see areas in need of improvement, then we’ll gladly discuss options that will suit your business model and your budget. With over 20 years of experience offering managed IT support, IT security and a range of other services, Deeptech is abundantly qualified to assist businesses within the legal industry. We know that your time is precious and that you are faced with pressing legal matters daily. We know that confidentiality is one of the biggest concerns that you have, and that valuable data needs to be effectively stored and regularly backed up. We know the stakes are high, but our dedicated and skilled team are ready to rise to the challenge.